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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Season's First Flight to the Shore

The weather has been terrible since our trip to Georgia. The forecast today was just good enough to take the plane up. We decided to head for Ocean City, New Jersey for lunch and our first visit of the year to the beach. Nancy and our friend Garret agreed to join me.

Here they are next to the plane as we wait for the fuel truck outside our hangar.


Here we are as we taxi out to the runway for takeoff at Chester County.


Here is a video of our takeoff taken by Nancy from the back seat.



View looking back at Chester County as we climb out to the east.


View of the screens and the view ahead. It's kind of hazy, but clearing as we head eastbound at 117 knots.


Passing Millville, NJ on our way. There's a great lunch place there called Vera's Flight Line Diner.


Here are shots of our approach and landing at Ocean City Airport (26N).

Skies brighten near the coast.

Bracing for bumps as we descend over the marshes in a 30 knot wind.

Over the wetlands with the shore in view.

A huge C17 bound for Maguire AFB passes over us.

The blue smokestack is an easy marker for Ocean City pattern entry.

45 for downwind for runway 6.

Downwind view of the airport. Only blocks from the beach.

View from base.

Base to final.

Final with airport and Atlantic City in background.


Rolling out to the ramp. Lots of folks had the same idea.

After we tie down, we head into the diner for lunch. We're starved.

Garret and Nancy

Pilot and copilot

Me and Nancy

Garret in his happy place.

It's only a 10 minute walk to the beach from the airport. That's what is so great about this place - good food and a walk to the beach! Next time, we are bringing the folding bikes for a ride on the boardwalk. It is windy and much cooler at the beach and it is almost deserted. It's hard to believe that it will be totally full of people for Memorial Day weekend in a few days. We have it almost to ourselves.

I missed the scenery. The dunes are in great shape.

The fence is almost buried in drifting sand.

Almost no one to the North.

...and one hardy beachgoer in a blanket to the south.

Beach selfie.
Creepy looking horseshoe crab - 18 inches long.

After a nice stroll on the beach, we walk back to the airport to head home. In addition to a diner and proximity to the beach, there's also an adjacent golf course.

View of golf course with our plane in the background.
Garret and Nancy walk out to the plane.

Here is a video of the takeoff from Ocean City.


Shots from the flight home.

Winglet view for Elizabeth

View of the front office

Screen view as we approach the river

Crossing the river from New Jersey into Delaware. 16 minutes to home.

Looking back at the river.

Nancy taking these pictures. Thanks baby!

My favorite

Home airport comes into view as we descend through 2,500 at 150 knots.

Base leg for Runway 11

Turning final

Back on the ground, we taxi in and shut down. 

Heading down to our hangar.

Unloading back at the hangar.

Love my plane.

Hate my wife's Star Wars keychain.

It was another great outing in the Velocity. From noon to 3:30 we flew to another state, had lunch, walked on the beach and took in the sights.  Already looking forward to our annual pilgrimage to Oshkosh in July. Lots of work to do to spruce up the plane first.

More to come.