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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Winter Sightseeing Flight

The weather has been, well, wintry and not great for flying. We had a nice Sunday, so Nancy and I went up for a while just to knock some of the rust off and see the sights. Here is the view from the departure end of our runway.


Here's a quick view of the takeoff. As you will see, we are off well before the terminal. We were at pattern altitude by the end of the runway. That's the good news about these low temperatures - terrific performance.


Here is a nice shot on departure with the runway behind the winglet a moment after takeoff. As you can see, visibility was great. We decided to fly over and check out our neighborhood from the air.


Here are some shots of our neighborhood from about 1,200 feet. We sent these shots to our neighbors, several of whom came out to look up and wave to us. They like to see the aerial shots of their homes.

The Velocity has a very distinctive sound, so all of our friends in town know when we fly over. 

The neighborhood with a little shot of the canard on the left.

That's our house at the top left.

Our friends' neighborhood was next

Next up, we went and circled Marsh Creek Lake for some pictures. A friend at the gym was out mountain biking with her brother. She told us she looked up and told him "Hey, I know the guy flying that plane!". He said "Yeah, sure. " She sent him copies of the pictures we posted on facebook and he lost that bet.


After that, we wandered back to the airport, taking in the sights and enjoying the visibility.

Great visibility to the East.

Crosswind leg for landing
Entering downwind leg for Runway 29

Here is a quick video of the landing. Make sure to watch it with the sound on. You can hear the main gear touch, then its almost 5 seconds before the nose gear touches down. This took me a while to get this down. You have to balance the plane on the main gear by using a combination of back pressure on the stick and brake application. It cuts down your takeoff roll and saves wear on the nose gear.



Here are a couple shots as we taxi back to the hangar after landing. 

No snow, but it still looks cold and wintry

Cessna follows us in

The lucky family transferring from their private jet to their limo. But did they build it? No.

It was a great afternoon flight and I look forward to more nice weather breaks.


Friday, December 16, 2016

Winter Breakfast Flight to Old Army Airfield

I took a breakfast and sightseeing trip with my friends, Garret and Chris. We have been to most fly in breakfast destinations within 100 miles and were looking for somewhere new and interesting. We came up with Vera's Flightline Restaurant at Millville, New Jersey. It is an old Army Air Corp airfield and the restaurant is in the old Provost building right on the ramp. The reviews gave it 5 stars and said there is always a line out the door because of the great food at reasonable prices. That sounded perfect. We decided to fly over for breakfast, then to take a sightseeing trip up the coast from Cape May to Atlantic City before heading home.


It was a quick flight over to Millville and, as promised, the restaurant was right on the flight line.

Pulling up to the ramp, we see the restaurant.

All tied down. The restaurant is the green building.

Garret and Chris. It's really cold out.
Walking into the restaurant from the plane.

As advertised, the food was great, portions large and prices reasonable. It's a nice place.

The Breakfast Club

That should hold me until lunch.

Garret and Chris dig in.


They weren't kidding. There was a line out the door with every table filled the whole time we were there. The plane was getting a lot of attention parked out on the ramp and everyone was asking questions about it.


After breakfast, we head out to the plane for the sightseeing portion of our trip.
N929X on the ramp

Climbout from Millville

Turning on course with the airport below

Here are some pictures as we head up the Atlantic coast between Cape May and Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Jersey Pine Barrens

The shoreline comes into view

Heading out over the Delaware Bay to Cape May

Looking north up the coast as we near the beach

View of the coast to the north

Cape May

Turning north

View from the back

Cape May and the Delaware Bay

Ocean view with winglet

As we approached the restricted airspace around Atlantic City, we give a thumbs up to a great flight and head West toward home. 

Another great day in the Velocity

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Visit to our Velocity Buddies Brett and Elizabeth in Dayton, Ohio

Departure from Chester County/KMQS
We have been getting a lot of use out of the Velocity this year. In the last few months, we have been to Oshkosh, Charlotte and, now, Dayton, Ohio. Our longtime Velocity buddies and Oshkosh co-conspirators Brett and Elizabeth Ferrell invited us for a visit to their home in Ohio. We decided on another weekend trip and flew from Philadelphia to Dayton, about 400 miles, after work on Friday. We took our 15 year old son Sean with us.

Here's a quick video of our takeoff. 



As usual, the forecast was shaky for the weekend. There were 30 knot headwinds on the trip out with moderate turbulence forecast, especially over the mountains. Sean hates a bumpy ride, but we decided to launch anyway. Here are some shots of the trip west to Ohio.

Crossing the Susquehanna river near Harrisburg

Pretty shot of winding river

Bumpy terrain

Sean hated this part

After clearing the mountains it smoothed out and Sean fell asleep


As we crossed from West Virginia into Ohio, the terrain got perfectly flat and the air was smooth and calm in the late afternoon. We still had a ridiculous headwind. 

Ipad shows our flight path and arrival procedure

View of the screens

Ohio is sooooo flat

Nancy takes in the scenery


Here is a video of our trip over the flatlands.



Here is a video of our landing in Dayton.


We texted our ETA as we approached and landed right on time at 5:30. Brett and Elizabeth met us on the ramp at Dayton/ Wright Brothers Airport. From there, they took us out to a great dinner at the Golden Lamb restaurant.

Nancy with Brett and Elizabeth

Fuzzy Iphone selfie at dinner.

Saturday morning I woke up early at their house, which has been dubbed "Cape Ferrell". The sunrise views were amazing. We had some breakfast, then watched them feed the ducks. 


We stopped by their hangar to see their Velocity XL- FG N44VF, which is nicknamed "Victor Fox". It is a beautiful plane and is actually for sale. It is going to be a real steal for someone. Here are some pictures of it. Contact me if you want to get in touch with them.

What a panel!

Nancy was complaining that her sunglasses broke the seal on her Bose headset, causing undue noise. (RWGP - rich white girl problem). Brett and Elizabeth live near an outlet mall, sooooo....

Nancy in her element

Brett Zoolander models designer glasses

The jet set

"One Meelion Dollars!"


I feel compelled to comment on the transportation provided by Brett. He kept calling the vehicle "The Funkmaster". I thought that was just his nickname for the funky paint job. It turns out that it was actually a limited edition "Funkmaster Flex".  You really can't make this up - nor can you find such a vehicle outside of the Midwest. I loved it. 

The Funkmaster!

Our pilot - Funkmaster Brett

Funkmaster crew

For real, and only in 'Murica. 


After that it was on to lunch at a Wisconsin based burger chain called Culvers for "Butter Burgers" and custard. I feel a CG problem developing....

Sean finds his holy land.

What tops off a burger and fries like a bowl of custard?


Next up, the National Air Force Museum. I had wanted to see this for years. It is absolutely spectacular with an exceptional collection of aircraft from every era of aviation including a stealth bomber, XB70 Valkyrie, X15, rockets, missiles and so on. We had to move fast through it but will go back.

From the beautiful sculpture garden

Velocity gang with rockets

Add caption

Look at that tubing. I would have scrapped a mile of the stuff to do this.

The gang reflected in a Lockheed Connie

Sean and I in fuselage reflection

Brett's atomic legacy

Ordinary rudder hinge holds spacecraft closed?

Not sure about these wire terminations

Mark and Brett salute Valkyrie power

Brett and I organize the thermonuclear bombs

Nancy next to the hot section of turbine, of course.

Sean spends 25 cents to make souvenir penny. Ah, capitalism.

Sean's not sure about Goblin fighter

Obligatory Eagle One!

After a great time at the museum, it was back to Cape Ferrell for a relaxing evening and a great chane to talk. 


Here is Elizabeth's VERY patient cat, who hung out with us.

You will pay for this later, human.

Must be.....longer!

Nice kitty.


On Sunday, storms, turbulence and violent storms were forecast to move in along our route as the day progressed. We decided that we would need to do the "Oh Dark Thirty Departure" for home. Brett and Elizabeth were kind enough to get us to the airport by 8:00 a.m. The winds were forecast to be 35+knots, but this time as a direct tailwind. Cool!

Saying goodbye as the sun comes up.

3 bags, 2 folding bikes, 3 people and full fuel!

Patriotic run up.

Starting our taxi


We launch at 8:00 for the 400 mile trip home.

Lined up, full power, here we go!

Sunrise view on climb out

Beautiful morning clouds

Sunrise view

Brett posted a great video of our departure.


Here are some shots from our flight home.

Over the cloud deck

View of the screens

Our route on Foreflight on the Ipad

206 knots!

Look at that! 181 knots true.

Winglet view

Ducking under the incoming front

Love my autopilot. Checking out the scenery.

Beautiful cloud deck.

Dodging buildups

A quick video of cruising over the clouds.


Here is our landing at home- KMQS, Chester County, PA.


We made the 400 mile trip home to Philadelphia from Dayton in one hour and 50 minutes. This is what the Velocity is really great at. We took all this stuff to visit our far off friends for the weekend and spent only 4 hours traveling. This makes most of the eastern U.S. reachable for weekend trips. I just love our Velocity.

More adventures to come.