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Friday, March 3, 2017

Makenna's 4th Birthday Flight

Our neighbor's little girl always runs out to look up when I fly over and says "Look, it's Mr. Mark's plane!" She told her mom that what she wanted most for her fourth birthday was another ride in the Velocity. How could I say no to this face?


We loaded up with her Mom and headed up. It was a beautiful and clear day if a little windy.


Here are some pictures from the flight.


We climbed quickly to 5,500 feet so that she could see the tops of the clouds, cruised around a bit then headed back toward the airport.

Pointing out the airport ahead

Turning downwind

Back seat view taken by my wife, Nancy
Makenna looks at the screens as we taxi back in

Makenna and her mom, Susan

Operation Birthday flight complete!
 It was a fun little flight and her second birthday flight in a row. Quite a tradition.


Saturday, February 25, 2017

$100 Crabcake Flight

Last weekend we got together with my pilot friend Garret, his significant other Kathryn and made a 100 mile flight to Hagerstown, Maryland for lunch. I love the restaurant there and it is just the right distance away. We made the 100 mile flight in 35 minutes with full fuel and all four on board. We used just over 17 gallons of fuel. It was a great time with beautiful views.

I put together a Youtube video with videos and stills of the flight. I left in the whole arrival and taxi to give a feel of what its like to come home in your own Velocity. Hope you like it.


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Winter Sightseeing Flight

The weather has been, well, wintry and not great for flying. We had a nice Sunday, so Nancy and I went up for a while just to knock some of the rust off and see the sights. Here is the view from the departure end of our runway.


Here's a quick view of the takeoff. As you will see, we are off well before the terminal. We were at pattern altitude by the end of the runway. That's the good news about these low temperatures - terrific performance.


Here is a nice shot on departure with the runway behind the winglet a moment after takeoff. As you can see, visibility was great. We decided to fly over and check out our neighborhood from the air.


Here are some shots of our neighborhood from about 1,200 feet. We sent these shots to our neighbors, several of whom came out to look up and wave to us. They like to see the aerial shots of their homes.

The Velocity has a very distinctive sound, so all of our friends in town know when we fly over. 

The neighborhood with a little shot of the canard on the left.

That's our house at the top left.

Our friends' neighborhood was next

Next up, we went and circled Marsh Creek Lake for some pictures. A friend at the gym was out mountain biking with her brother. She told us she looked up and told him "Hey, I know the guy flying that plane!". He said "Yeah, sure. " She sent him copies of the pictures we posted on facebook and he lost that bet.


After that, we wandered back to the airport, taking in the sights and enjoying the visibility.

Great visibility to the East.

Crosswind leg for landing
Entering downwind leg for Runway 29

Here is a quick video of the landing. Make sure to watch it with the sound on. You can hear the main gear touch, then its almost 5 seconds before the nose gear touches down. This took me a while to get this down. You have to balance the plane on the main gear by using a combination of back pressure on the stick and brake application. It cuts down your takeoff roll and saves wear on the nose gear.



Here are a couple shots as we taxi back to the hangar after landing. 

No snow, but it still looks cold and wintry

Cessna follows us in

The lucky family transferring from their private jet to their limo. But did they build it? No.

It was a great afternoon flight and I look forward to more nice weather breaks.


Friday, December 16, 2016

Winter Breakfast Flight to Old Army Airfield

I took a breakfast and sightseeing trip with my friends, Garret and Chris. We have been to most fly in breakfast destinations within 100 miles and were looking for somewhere new and interesting. We came up with Vera's Flightline Restaurant at Millville, New Jersey. It is an old Army Air Corp airfield and the restaurant is in the old Provost building right on the ramp. The reviews gave it 5 stars and said there is always a line out the door because of the great food at reasonable prices. That sounded perfect. We decided to fly over for breakfast, then to take a sightseeing trip up the coast from Cape May to Atlantic City before heading home.


It was a quick flight over to Millville and, as promised, the restaurant was right on the flight line.

Pulling up to the ramp, we see the restaurant.

All tied down. The restaurant is the green building.

Garret and Chris. It's really cold out.
Walking into the restaurant from the plane.

As advertised, the food was great, portions large and prices reasonable. It's a nice place.

The Breakfast Club

That should hold me until lunch.

Garret and Chris dig in.


They weren't kidding. There was a line out the door with every table filled the whole time we were there. The plane was getting a lot of attention parked out on the ramp and everyone was asking questions about it.


After breakfast, we head out to the plane for the sightseeing portion of our trip.
N929X on the ramp

Climbout from Millville

Turning on course with the airport below

Here are some pictures as we head up the Atlantic coast between Cape May and Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Jersey Pine Barrens

The shoreline comes into view

Heading out over the Delaware Bay to Cape May

Looking north up the coast as we near the beach

View of the coast to the north

Cape May

Turning north

View from the back

Cape May and the Delaware Bay

Ocean view with winglet

As we approached the restricted airspace around Atlantic City, we give a thumbs up to a great flight and head West toward home. 

Another great day in the Velocity